Gallery Show


We had an absolutely stunning art show at Arrow Creative in Memphis, Tennessee this fall (2022.)  We filled this enormous space with giant tapestries, prints, and large scale acrylic paintings. The show was dedicated to the memory of my Uncle Charles Chandler.  Charles was a long time local celebrity in the Memphis art scene. 


Camilla Spadafino’s paintings feature bright acrylic paint colors, bold patterns and iconic imagery of our popular culture.  All of this meets up with the never solvable question of “What is art?” Following in the footsteps of other artists who challenge our perceptions and value of art, Camilla teases us with these original artworks that she then transforms into a commercial paint by number kit.  Tens of thousands of Camilla’s kits have been purchased and painted across the world.  Her kits are sold online and in stores that include Barnes and Noble and Blick Art Materials.  Camilla’s fine art paintings and prints are only available at special events and in galleries.  

PHOTO CREDIT:  Justin Fox Burks