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Mandala Paint by Number Kit; 8”x10”

Mandala Paint by Number Kit; 8”x10”

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The Meditation Mandala kit features an original mandala design with color names that tell more about meditation, yoga, and other forms of self care. Each paint by numbers kit includes an 8”x10” painting board (same style as vintage American made paint by numbers kits with blue lines on heavy cardboard--NOT a canvas); 12 acrylic paint pots with high quality American-made craft acrylic paints that do not require any paint mixing; and a high quality detail-paint brush that will be usable after finishing this kit if it is taken care of. Our kits require nothing more than a glass of water, a paper towel, and a flat surface to begin enjoying. Our paint by number kits offer a warm nostalgic comfort that makes a great vintage inspired gift for any occasion, combining modern imagery with mid century vintage paint by number design styling. When finished, the paint board will pop into any 8"x10" frame, adding a cheerful splash of color to any home decor. Each Paint the Town by Numbers kit is designed by art teacher Camilla Spadafino, and each kit is created, produced, and shipped from our facility in Nashville, Tennessee. Our mission is to bring painting to as many people as possible. We see ourselves as a combination of Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers and Julia Childs rolled into one happy, fun paint by number experience. Our paint by number kits feature people and places that spark joy, and each kit features clever color names that reflect its theme and personality. Recommended for ages 5 and up. Paint by number kits are like working a puzzle. Our kit provides tips, but we encourage you to devise a strategy for working the painting. Then put on your favorite music or book on tape, and get ready to relax and unwind.


Meditation Mandala Paint by Number Kit /Relaxation/Yoga Inspired Paint by Number / DIY / Painting / Craft Kit

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